Friday, April 1, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Fruit Compote

Item: Fruit Compote

Who Purchased: The Fruit Compote belonged to my great-great-grandmother Julia Corley. I don’t think we know where or when she got it.

Year Purchased/Received: Unknown, but my grandmother B. (Mur), Julia’s granddaughter, told me that Julia had “always” had the compote. Mur was born in 1923, so if you figure she started taking notice of these things in the mid-1930’s that gives you an idea of how old it might be.

Location Purchased/Received: Unknown

Description: The fruit compote is a clear cut glass compote on a pedestal. The base measures about 7.25” tall and is about 7.25” across at the top. The lid is about 3.5” tall, so the whole thing is just less than 11” tall.

Markings: There really aren’t any markings, though you can see the faint line down each side where the two pieces were put together.

How it came to the MP: As I said before, the Fruit Compote belonged to my great-great-grandmother Julia Swope Corley. When she died in February 1947 (in her late 90’s), the Fruit Compote passed to Mur’s sister Mary Ellen (my mom called her Aunt Nul…I still don’t quite understand why). Aunt Nul died in 1995, and at that time her daughter Lois gave the compote to Mur. I think the compote than passed to my mom when Mur moved to Texas in 2005, and then on to us when we received the rest of her furniture in 2009.

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