Monday, April 18, 2011

Hi friends, JE here--finally back after a very long weekend of work (and very grateful to J who stepped in with posts for y'all to read)!  Sometime Sunday I realized that I didn't have anything to update on the checklist and commented as much to J.  What did I do last week?? 

Well, to be fair, much of the week was all about baking (baked Tuesday for a birthday party Wednesday; decorated cake all day Wednesday for that party--come back tomorrow to see the result; baked cupcakes Friday morning and decorated them late Friday night for the church bakesale, baked another cake Saturday morning...). 

What else happened at the MP?  Well, it rained (a lot) last week, and as is our apparent custom during heavy spring rains, we ran out to grab an industrial strength dehumidifier for the basement.  This year, the basement flooded when water pushed up through a crack in the basement floor.  It also kind of flooded a little bit later in the week when I decided to do a load of laundry (What idiot decided to run the washer and sump pump on the same circuit??  Oh wait, Previous Owner...).  On a positive note, I was checking the basement regularly and caught the thrown breaker before the sump pump well overflowed (but after water started to flow through that crack in the floor again).  I look forward to having Stanley Steamer out again soon!

Between baking, cleaning house, fighting the rains, and work (great week for Stella & Dot and typical week for the lawyering sort), our week just seems to have filled itself up.  I still don't feel as though I've gotten ahead of my to-do list, and I know that is represented by our lack of good house projects.  Cross your fingers that we manage to have a good week with a few more projects crossed off this week!

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