Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time keeps on slippin', slippin'

July is shaping up to be a long month for J and me, and it seems to be a bit of a habit to be so (you might remember that I spent half of last July out of town). We spent the first weekend of this month prepping our deck for a little remodel. The deck was powerwashed, old and rotten boards replaced, and finally sanded. We picked out and purchased new paint (and were reminded by the not-at-all helpful paint guy at Lowe's that you should never paint a wood deck. Where was he when the previous owners bought the paint in the first place?).

And then we left town for a week. My mom and I had a great time in Washington at the 118th DAR Continental Congress (national conference) and J had a good weekend of golf in Tunica with his buddies D and E. Unfortunately, the deck-painting fairies did not visit while we were gone, and we came home to the same fully prepped, but not yet painted, deck.
This week was spent catching up at work, so nothing was done to the deck. Not a big deal, except that I'm leaving again tomorrow for another week, and we are hosting a judge from Russia for a week the week after that. I spent last night and today prepping the house to play host, and J spent the day putting the roof on a Habitat house here in town. No work on the deck, though. Maybe the first weekend in August?
In good news, I'm finally able to post pictures of my living room. I last posted a picture in April when we received my grandmother's living room furniture. It took a couple of weeks to determine that no one we knew wanted our old furniture and another couple to schedule a pick-up with the Habitat Re-Store. I still need to find slip covers for the chairs and couch, and eventually will paint the room, but I'm pleased with this for a while.
Title: Fly Like an Eagle, by Steve Miller