Wednesday, June 29, 2016

(re)Finding my voice...

I pulled up my blag last month to share old pictures with a new co-worker, and thanks to technology, I now see a screenshot of my most recent post whenever I open a new tab in my web browser.  The daily reminder that I've been away has rekindled a desire to write again.
To begin to find my voice, or to find it again, I think I want to start by catching up.  This blog has such a great record of several years of our lives, and I hate knowing that there is a gap!  Prepare yourselves for several short (possibly photo heavy) posts while I attempt to bring us all up to speed on the last couple of years!
Once we've caught up, what can you expect to see?  A fair bit of what you used to see (house updates, work stories, crafty pursuits) and, of course, a heavy dose of our favorite little person.   I also feel I've entered a new stage in life (more on that in one of the update posts), and I suspect you can expect a series of musings about this new "grown up" stage as I muddle my way through.
Welcome back.  It's good to be here.