Monday, November 8, 2010

Something new

J and I were talking this weekend about putting up a blog post, and I finally found the words for an idea I'd been mulling over for a while. Many, many times I have an idea for a post (or a snippet of an idea, or sometimes many snippets of various different ideas), but I can't think of a song title that fits the post. So rather than teasing out the post and finding a title, I just skip the process entirely. (Those of you who know me well won't be surprised by this little practice in intellectual laziness.) The problem with this is that we didn't start the blog to be an intellectual process; we started it to keep our friends and family informed about life at the Melton Point. So, for the next couple of months, I'm going to try to post more frequently without worrying about finding the right lyrics to set the tone for the post. Sometimes you'll find the line of a song as our title--as J and I talked about on Saturday, sometimes a song is too perfect to pass up and the post follows the title. Most often, I suspect, I will just attempt to sum up the post with an appropriate title, like today. I hope the result will be a better, more comprehensive picture of life at the Melton Point.

So what was so important to share that I ditched song titles in favor of posts? Well, for starters, we're making progress on our bathroom again! J and I took the dresser we found at a yardsale a couple years ago to an antique furniture restorer in Midway (more on that here). On Saturday, we picked up the finished (re-finished?) product. WOW! Honestly, I saw the dresser when we walked in and I didn't even recognize it as ours! We had the piece stripped, refinished, two drawers cut down/reshaped to make room for sink pipes, wheels added (actually, the piece originally had wheels that were missing when we bought it so we just replaced them), and everything from the drawers out protected for use in a bathroom. It's a beauty, and in great shape for being about 100 years old (we aren't exactly sure, but have had a couple estimates of turn of the last century). One other thing we had done is to have the top removed. We plan to replace that with a marble top so that it will be a but more functional for us and tie in with the floor. Pictures will come later once we get it installed!

In other news, some of you might have heard our plans for a Christmas theme this year. Well, it kind of centered around me learning to knit and whipping out several scarves. I have learned to knit, but have only completed about one and a half scarves, so that plan is on hold until next year (maybe...or maybe the next decade!). So what about this year? Well, a friend introduced me to the magical world of paperwhites the other day, so I spent some time this morning setting bulbs. These will be the new centerpiece to the new theme (which is kind of still coming together--stay tuned!).

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into the Melton Point. More to come!