Sunday, October 11, 2009

All I want is a photo

I promised a follow-up post with pictures, so here goes!


These aren't the most recent pictures, but you do get a nice look at the back of our house--way better than that dark green we had before!

Bobby Flay:

By the way, J gave me a hard time about not mentioning the other part of his Anniversary gift to me--a woven tote-bag/basket full of awesome goodies that he won at a golf tournament for me (he argues that the basket is a "fiber"). Stay tuned for pics of the roses and dance lessons that I now have gift certificates for!

Yesterday, we visited Kelley Farms (you might remember our visit last year) with the KSDAR Junior Club and had a great time traipsing across Henry Clay's face, as well as scaling the haybale mountains (J and I chose different "mountains" to climb...).

Then, we took another turn at babysitting (our last adventures in babysitting were chronicled in this post). This time, we hung out with four month old Chelsea, the daughter of a couple we attend church with. Chelsea, who was described by her parents as a "hands-on baby", was simply adorable, and we had a great time with her! J, it turns out, is the ultimate baby whisperer and was a great hand at getting Miss Chelsea to sleep and at giving bottles. Fortunately, I was pretty good at keeping her occupied between naps and enticing after-bottle burps and spit-ups, so between the two of us, we survived and kept her alive (and dry), too!

That's it for us this week. In between work and other obligations, I'm working on October/Halloween decorations around the house and working on decorations for a party at work next week, so I'll try to post those pictures soon. We hope you're enjoying your autumn (even if it is a little cooler, a little earlier than usual!)!

Title: Picture This, by Blondie

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door...

Tap, tap...

Tap, tap, tap...

Anyone out there? Probably not, and we'd understand. According to Blogger, we've not updated since mid-August, so that's nearly sixty days of nothing-ness from the Meltons. Rest assured, though, there's been plenty of activity around here!

First up, LOTS of unfinished projects. Not for lack of trying, mind you. I mean, we've been working on the deck since before Independence Day, but it's still not finished. In fact, our most recent attempt to get it done (painting the trim-work) was mostly washed away by a heavy rainstorm before it had a chance to dry. And by "away", I mean onto, and then through, the plastic sheeting covering the newly painted decking. I've given up on "just getting it done" and accepted that my new palm sander and I will be spending several days sanding down the trim before I can try again to paint the trim. After that, we'll have to get another coat on the decking to cover all the blue that had no problem sticking to the wrong wood.

What else? Hmmm...cabinets in the library? Still not installed, but at least they're hanging out in the right room.

Bathroom reno? No closer to getting started on that one, though the dripping faucet is now a steady stream of hot water, so I'm starting to feel guilty about not just fixing it.

Kitchen re-do? Oh, you haven't heard about that one? Yeah, it's my new dream, but I've promised J not to start on it until I've finished the other projects first. Hopefully we'll make some progress soon, and I'll actually be able to post some pics of finished projects.

What else? Well, J and I are still on the running kick (or at least the thinking about running kick), and are planning to run the Black Cat Chase in Frankfort on October 30. I'm definitely looking forward to that one, and I hear they have good tee-shirts, too! I'm just over a third of the way to my weight loss goal, and J has just started his own weight loss journey, so I expect we'll stick with the exercise thing a little longer.

Best of all, we celebrated our Two Year Anniversary on September 29. As my dad said, this might stick! For those of you interested, Year Two is the Cotton anniversary (traditional, not contemporary), and J and I did our best to stick to the plan. He gave me three new flags to fly in front of our house (not cotton, exactly, but fabric just the same), and has promised more as the months pass. I'll post a picture of October's flag and the wreath I made to go out front with it soon. Keeping in mind J's new-found interest in cooking, I went off-theme and bought tickets to see Food Network Chef Bobby Flay. Bobby was fantastic, and J got some great ideas, which he promptly came home and tried out. While not using his actual anniversary gift, a poly-cotton blend chef's apron that declares him to be the Melton Point Chef (apparently, he's afraid of getting it dirty...).

So that's the last couple of months in a nutshell. We'll try to be better, and hope that you're sticking around for it!

Title: "Knocking on Heaven's Door", by Bob Dylan (or Guns N Roses, depending on your generation) (chosen for the knocking on the glass of the computer screen...kind of obscure, I know.)