Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm a big kid now!

J and I are planners; those of you who know us at all know that. Being planners, we have decided to put a great deal of thought into the decision to have children. Now, we're both the youngest child in our families, so we don't exactly have lots of experience with small children. In an effort to supplement our thought process with practical experience, we've taken to 'borrowing' the children of our friends on occasion (J prefers these children to be sick, tired and/or hungry when we borrow them--I can't imagine why!).

Today, our friend Kourtney called and asked if we would keep her daughter for a couple of hours while she played a tennis match in the park next to our house. We jumped at the chance, and, of course, I was even more thrilled when Kourt dropped off L with a clean diaper and relatively empty belly. J and I entertained L with our Halloween pumpkins, the Rock Band drum kit and, finally, sticks out of the backyard (L's choice, not mine). While L played with her sticks and I worked on a stick art project to send home with her, I started to notice an interesting odor coming from my little charge. Turns out L's stomach wasn't quite empty enough.

Unfortunately for us, Kourtney hadn't dropped off a diaper bag with L, so J offered to run to Kroger for back-up. I checked the back of L's pull-ups and determined that they were a size 6 (or that they were decorated with a random squiggle on the back...still not sure which) and sent J off in search of Dora pull-ups. He quickly returned with pull-ups in a size 5, but assured me "They have Dora on the front". I grabbed the package and, as I tore it open, noticed that they actually had Diego, Dora's male counterpart, on the front. Those of you with kids will know that means J bought pull-ups for little boys, not little girls (convenient of Pampers to gender code their products that way...I later noticed that the package was blue with a little boy on the front...these may also have been clues for the clueless shopper).

Needless to say, L was cleaned up, dropped into her new pull-ups, and put back together just in time for Kourtney to show up. And now Kourtney has little boy pull-ups should she try for a little brother for L--we didn't feel the need to hang on to them!

Title: Pull-Ups Jingle


Samantha said...

Just to keep my brother from feeling bad about the diaper mix up... I a mother of 3 and recently had the same mix up with swimmers. Austin sure looked cute swimming around in pink undies though.

Kourtney said...

That just goes to show you that even though she had pooped right before she left the house you never know what is going to come up :( Sorry next time I'll make sure Amine hasn't taken the diaper bag out of my car. Bad mommy Kourtney :P

JE Melton said...

Kourt--Our goal is to learn, and I'd say we accomplished the mission on that one!!

Kari said...

Jean, Jean, Jean...let's not make any CRAZY decision...maybe Santa will bring the Melton's one of those computerized babies to practice with first!