Sunday, November 9, 2008

O'er the fields we go, laughing all the way

No, I've not gotten completely wrapped up in Christmas like the rest of the known world (I passed a Salvation Army bell ringer at Kroger yesterday--already? Really?). I read somewhere this week that Jingle Bells was originally written as a Thanksgiving song, and since there aren't nearly enough of those to pick from, I'm taking Jingle Bells back.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, and to get to the point of this post, I've written before that this is J's and my favorite holiday (so favorite, that we celebrate twice--both Canada and the U.S. versions). This weekend, I finally got around to taking down the Halloween-specific decorations and replaced them with Thanksgiving-specific decor instead.
Lucky me, I put shopping for the Thanksgiving items off until yesterday, so I got some great deals at Michael's and TJ Maxx, including some great scrapbook paper that I used to whip up a couple of banners.

For the more observant of you, you'll notice the mirror above the mantel is gone and replaced by a Paul Sawyier print (okay, only the really observant will know it's a Paul Sawyier--I'll forgive you for just noticing the mirror was replaced by a painting). It turns out my mirror was just too small for the scale of the mantel, so we moved it to another wall. I'm awfully sad about losing the mirror, as it was a big part of the picture in my head, but I'm thrilled to have a place for the print in this room, too.

Hope you all have a great week, and don't forget to fly your flags and thank a veteran on Tuesday!!

Title: Jingle Bells, by James Lord Pierpont

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