Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

And what do we do on a cold, wet Saturday in November? We stay in the warm, dry house and do a little updating. And by 'we', I mean me--J had to work today, so I enjoyed the quiet and tackled some things I've been thinking about.

First, I want to tell you all about the awesome table we bought yesterday. Last month, J and I visited the Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show, a once a month antique show just outside of town (I blogged about it here). Now, it helps to understand that J, like many men of his generation (and probably women, too, but I was entirely too girly for this) is enthralled with transformers. As an adult, that interest extends to housewares and furniture (I swear, the only items he got excited about when we were registering were those multi-purpose items!). Well, since we were only at the show to look around last month, we weren't prepared to purchase the coolest item we saw: a living room cabinet that transforms into a dining table for as few or as many as you'd like to serve. I thought it was beautiful and was pretty excited at the prospect of turning our living room into a part-time dining room. J was pretty excited, as well. I think he called it being "cautiously optimistic."

After a month of debate, we crossed our fingers, withdrew the amount of money we were willing to spend on the table, and I headed over before work yesterday to see if the seller was there with 'our' table. Lucky for me, he was and he barely hesitated at our offer--$200 below his asking price! So we loaded up the cabinet in my car (picture the TV in the back of my car, except that the top just barely covered the cabinet--good thing, too; I had to take the interstate to make it to the office and was afraid to go over 45 with the top down!) and I proceeded to drive all over creation with it for the next 12 hours, as I needed J's help to get it out and didn't see him at home until after dinner at about 9:30.

As you can see in the pictures, the table is now at home in our living room awaiting seven of our closest friends and family to come dine with us. We're now taking reservations!

In addition to rearranging a little furniture in the living room, I also put up hooks in the laundry room to hold wreaths and hangers. Then I tackled my office/craft room. When we packed up my apartment, many of my boxes ended up in the office and I've been slow to unpack them. After a few hours and a big bag of trash later, I barely made a dent, but I'm starting to get a mental picture of how it is going to look.
Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside, by Frank Loesser

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