Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We've got to move these color tv's...

You've seen them, the semi's with the soft sides and a picture of a BMW with the words "We're delivering someone's baby" on the side. Well today, my car may as well have been the same thing, albeit a smaller, less commercial version. My car, you see, was bringing home our new TV, a 50" plasma screen TV. Note to those interested in purchasing a large plasma--make use of the store delivery plan.

My plan to put the top down and flip the whole box sideways was nixxed by store staff (it seems the plasma gas pools at one end and never goes back to normal). So we took the TV out of the box and wedged it into the back seat of my car, and J proceeded to drive it home--a ten mile drive that typically takes 20 minutes. Today, I followed at a brisk 40 mph and winced every time we approached a stop light and had to brake. J, meanwhile, put of a brave face at each stop and gave me a confident thumbs up; I later learned that he was holding tight to the TV with his other hand.

For the time being, we have set our new 'baby' on a card table in the family room while we look for an appropriate piece on furniture on which to set it (I'm thinking this is a great time to check out the new Ikea in Cincy!).

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, J’s big screen could not be saved (TV’s, it seems, are now considered ‘disposable’ after a couple of years.). We’ll miss it terribly (well, J will), but I’m thrilled to finally see this whole “you can see every blade of grass” thing that everyone (read: J) says about HD. He had football on this evening, and finally, I saw every blade of grass!

Title: Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

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Anonymous said...

No one asked the lamp how it felt about the new tv. I think it's a little bent out of shape....