Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shake, Rattle & Roll!

So back to our adventures on Saturday--

J and I headed out to Mercer County to visit Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. Home to the restored Shaker community, on Saturday there was also an apple festival, an alpaca festival, and...wait for it...a Hobbit Convention. After much observation of those in attendance, we decided that it was really just a Lord of the Rings convention--we saw some elves and other odd creatures, but no actual hobbits. I'll post Shaker Village pictures later, though you'll see no pictures of the LOTR folks--my husband told me it would be rude to ask if I could take their picture. I can't imagine...

We finished our day at Shaker Village with a ride on the Dixie Bell through the Kentucky River Palisades. J was thrilled to learn that I've built an imaginary house on the banks overlooking the river.

Then, in an attempt to make it up to J for dragging him off for an educational field trip on his day off, we hit the UK-WKU blowout, um...I mean, football game. (Thanks again to Tara and A.J. for an excellent time!) Four years of learning to be a football fan is finally paying off, and I knew the right times to clap even with A.J. (a WKU alum) clapping at all of the wrong plays!

Title: Shake, Rattle and Roll by Elvis Presley

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