Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sound of Silence

. . . Crickets . . .


J started this post yesterday, but was distracted by Magic (his favorite card game that I'm learning to tolerate) or football or something else more fun than my silly blog, so I thought I'd finish the sentiment.

We get a little wrapped up in ourselves in our own little nest sometimes, and just learned yesterday that most of our family were affected by the huricane force winds that swept up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers on Sunday. These winds caused some damage to trees, but more importantly, left our target audience in the dark for several days.

So first, to those of you affected, we are so glad that you are okay, and that you're back on-line.

Second, we know that our blog, though still new to us, may look like too much to wade through. Please do! It will make the most sense if you scroll the bottom and work your way back up. If you'd like to comment on individual posts, feel free--we'll find them! If you'd rather make one comment to this post, that's fine, too.

Welcome back on-line! JE

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