Sunday, September 14, 2008

More of the Story, Morning Glory

First, to understand this post, you have to read the earlier JE post, "What's the Story, Morning Glory" (Yeah, JE is doing something with the post titles; I'm sure you'll figure it out, Oasis references notwithstanding). Go ahead, read it . . . I'll wait. Pay particular attention to the "animal sanctuary" section. I'll watch the Browns-Steelers game for a few seconds . . .

Back? Okay, JE left out what I consider the best part of the story, or as the older among you might think "the rest of the story." Now, I am sure that these people were nice enough, but (a) I didn't know them from Adam . . . they might not be mass murdering psychopaths, but then again they might; and (b) if I'm going to see a wolf up close, I want Steve Irwin (notice, I'm not talking about an encounter with a stingray) or the young guy from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom involved--at least as a consultant. These people . . . may have watched"Dances with Wolves" . . . when it came out originally . . . but they didn't watch the whole thing . . . really just the "totonka" part.

So, I am NOT going to go on a tour. My ever-polite wife, however, was having trouble saying, "We'd prefer not to be led to our deaths, intentional or negligent, thanks." Sensing her hesitance, I say, "Thanks, but we were just stopping to look for antiques. Maybe another time."

After we sped away in the car, and cleared what I estimated rifle range was, JE and I, discussed the episode and decided "THAT WAS WEIRD." As our conversation winds down, my wonderful bride asks, "You know why I thought it'd be okay to go on the tour?" Shocked that she even momentarily considered playing nice with wolves and "Merle," I must know why.

"I thought, 'they have matching shirts. That's official.'"

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