Sunday, November 30, 2008

I can see for miles and miles

Sincere apologies for the delay in posting about the end of our trip--I couldn't find a wi fi signal last night and opted to sleep this morning rather than blogging the minute we got home! Also, my laptop screen, which has been ill for months, decided to choose this afternoon to die, so blogging may be infrequent for a bit (though J just figured out how to feed my laptop through the amazing Tv--too cool!).

Anyhow, on to Day Three of our great Chicago adventure!

J and I started Day Three with our leftovers from Geno’s East Pizza (the best deep dish in Chicago, we hear) and a walk to Millennium Park, the most recent addition to Chicago’s Park District, and a visit to the kidney bean sculpture, which J promptly renamed ‘the Vain Exhibit’ as it serves little purpose but to look at yourself. We, of course, did just that and took pictures, too! We continued on our walk through the park and the city, enjoying the amazing architecture Chicago has to offer, before hopping on a Gray Line trolley to see more new places, including the Chicago Water Tower and Pump Station, two of the only buildings that remained in that part of Chicago after the Fire of 1871; the John Hancock Building; the Magnificent Mile high end shopping district; and Chicago’s financial district. In the heart of the financial district, we hopped off the trolley and headed up 103 floors to the Sears Tower observation deck, where we delighted in finding bird’s eye views of our hotel and the Dunkin Donuts we visited Thursday morning! After our visit to the Sears Tower, we finally took a ride on the El, took another visit to the Christkindl Market, and stopped for a late lunch in a Greek Pub near our hotel. We then collected our luggage and headed for Union Station, where we are now waiting on our train. Unfortunately, Union Station does not appear to have wi-fi, so I’ll have to save and post this message from somewhere along the way home! Be sure and check back tomorrow for a witty wrap-up of our trip!

Title: "I can see for miles", by The Who

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Derrick said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. Chicago is such a cool place. J's Michael Jackson tribute made me laugh...