Friday, November 28, 2008

Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana

Day Two in Chicago: More walking than I can imagine, trips to Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields flagship on State Street), the Field Museum (Sue the T. Rex got our attention), Shedd Aquarium (underwhelming until we were almost eaten by a sawtooth shark), an architectural cruise of the Chicago River (one word--Wow!), Cheeseborgers at the World Famous Billy Goat Tavern (think Chicago Cubs curse and SNL skit), a trip to the largest Stained Glass museum in North America (well, the only one, but it was awfully big!) and a trip around the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. In all, a long day, and we've still got some deep dish Chicago pizza to finish off the night.

Enjoy some pictures!
Bronze markers in the floor at the foot of the escalators in Macy's, letting you know your floor and which street you're facing!

J and JE have some fun with the dinosaurs at the Field Museum.

J and JE contemplate taking a shortcut to Navy Pier.
A quick explanation about the title of this post. While on a tour bus today, we learned that is you look south from the Chicago lakefront, you can see the skyline of Gary, Indiana. Now, JE immediately thought of "The Music Man" and promptly started singing Gary, Indiana, Gary... J, on the other hand, thought of the Jackson family, as in Michael. His tribute to the King of Pop is at left. Gary is the skyline in the background.

J at Billy Goat and the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel where JE faced her fear of heights/fear of not being in control again.
Check back tomorrow for Day three!
Title: "Gary, Indiana" in The Music Man


Anonymous said...

Were you close 'nuff to Gary to hear the gun shots?

Samantha said...

Glad to see it is turning out to be a fun trip! So, are you gonna brave a trip on the subway???