Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday smells (and looks) like... Monogrammed Pancakes

Okay, I'm sure you've had enough of the pancakes, but J made extra pancake batter last week, and since he's still doing the Atkins thing, I had several mornings of pancakes for breakfast this week.  What happens when I have time and materials available to me?  Creativity.  In this case, I discovered that I could (together with our favorite Williams-Sonoma Pancake Pen) make letter-shaped pancakes.  And cool spiral pancakes.  And then a combination of the two--monogrammed pancakes!! 

Not a backwards Sigma--This looked like an "M" to me (and the computer) right up until I uploaded it here...

Basically, you pipe out the shape of your letter, then go over the whole area of your pancake.  The first batter down has a chance to cook a bit more, seperately from the rest, so it stays a distinct part of the whole.  Over the course of the week, I worked with several different letters.  I'd like to try a traditional three-letter monogram, but the pancake pen just makes letters too big.  I may have to try using a cake decorating bag and smaller tip to try that!

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