Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gift Box to Gift Tags

It seems like it has been a while since I actually did anything crafty (and yes, I know that the bulletin board is still hanging out unfinished), so I took some time Monday to create and document it for you!  Now, I'll be using Stella & Dot gift boxes, because I needed gift tags for an event this weekend, but you can use any gift box for this project as long as they aren't too thick.  If you do like the patterns I used, know that I got many more circles with just the pattern than with the company name, and that I would love to sell you some jewelry so you would have your very own S&D boxes to use!  www.stelladot.com/jeanellen

1.  For starters, find your gift box.  S&D boxes work well because there are actually two coordinating pieces for each package--the box and the sleeve.

2.  Then, cut out tons of circles!  I used a Fiskers 2" circle punch, which resulted in about seven circles for the box piece and three to four circles per sleeve (one of which I centered--or tried to center--"Stella and Dot" in). 

3.  Next, it is time to put your tag together.  When I first decided to make these tags, I thought I would just use one circle and jot a note on the back.  Then, when I realized I would have SO many of the coordinating circles, I decided to use two circles with the plain sides facing each other.  (This way, you can write on the plain side of the back circle or, as I did, use a sticker!)  Choose a place on the back circle where a hole will not interfere with what you've written (or stuck) and punch it.  Then, line up the two circles and punch the coordinating hole in the front circle.

4.  Run ribbon or string through both holes (be sure you've still got the plain sides facing each other and the patterned sides out) and you will be ready to tie your tag onto a bag (or anything else you want to tag)!!  Rather than folding the tag open, you just swivel the top circle around and can view the second circle.

I love this craft because it is both a great example of recycling (Otherwise the boxes would be trashed) and it gives me much cooler gift tags without buying any!  Cost of the whole project:  $2.49 for a huge spool of curling ribbon (The boxes were free, and I owned the circle punch already.  I probably could have used curling ribbon I had on hand, as well, but I liked the punchy green color.)

Early Tuesday morning, I'll be linking up with Beth from The Stories of A to Z, so if you get here before I do, come back by to check out the amazing How To's that link up with her linky party! 

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