Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thoughts on Easter

Several thoughts I wanted to share about this Easter Sunday...

...I get that rain washes everything clean and how that ties in really well with the Easter story, but we're now over ten inches for the month and well over the record for rainiest April on record here.  Can we be done now?  (Yes, I know that means we'll have a terrible dry spell this summer.  I think I'm okay with that.)

...I love the story of the Red Egg.  Are you familiar with the story?  In a nutshell, Mary Magdelene was sharing the story with the Emperor who didn't believe it.  He said something about how a man couldn't be resurrected any more than than an egg could turn red.  The egg she was holding turned red and he believed.  As someone who's had her own struggles with faith, I love this story!  For more stories about Red Eggs and Easter, Google "Red Egg" "Mary Magdelene".

...Our priest's sermon today was awesome.  The church was packed (as per usual on Easter), and instead of sending the infrequent visitors on a guilt trip for not attending more frequently, he reminded us that the resurrection released God in Jesus into the world to be everywhere at all times.  What a comforting reminder--not just to those of us who regularly attend, but to those who don't. 

...Mexican isn't exactly typically for Easter dinner, but it's delicious just the same.  So was the yummy hotdog on romaine lettuce "bun" with sauteed onion/mushroom/bacon relish J made for supper.

I hope you each enjoyed your Easter Sunday!

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