Friday, April 15, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Green Armchair

Item: Green Armchair
Who Purchased: My Grandmother B.

Year Purchased/Received: Late 1950’s/ Early 1960’s

Location Purchased/Received: Purdy Furniture Store, Owensboro (Which was described to me as being on the corner opposite Anderson’s...this is meaningless unless you're very familiar with Owensboro of at least 30 years ago.)

Description: The best description I’ve found of this style of chair is a tufted fan-back. I’m still not sure that is correct, so I’m open to comments. It started life with a tan-ish color brocade upholstery; Mur later had it reupholstered in the green color it is now. I love the nail head trim on each side of the wooden arm and around the legs.

Markings: None.

How it came to the MP: From the time she purchased the chair when they lived on Hathaway Street in Owensboro, through two more houses in that town, the chair was always in Mur’s living room. I’ve always liked the unique back to the chair and was thrilled when it moved to our living room! Now, it lives in our upstairs guest room.

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