Monday, April 4, 2011

A tale of two plumbers...

I hope you're prepared to laugh this morning, because the plumbing situation at the MP just gets more laughable.  Today's post will be written in two parts:  Part One--Another update (but not completion) on the bathroom sink and Part Two--A leaky faucet in the bathtub (same bathroom, mind you...)

Part One
A few weeks ago, when we picked up our vanity top, I expressed that we were just days from having the big parts of the bathroom complete.  All I had to do was call the plumber and have them install the sink.  So I called (No answer).  And called (Got a fax machine noise).  And called (another fax machine noise). And dropped by their office (No one answered the door).  And Called and Dropped by their office again (same results).  Then I sent them a fax (no respone).  And called (Same fax noise).  And called their National Hotline (super helpful girl who offered to look into it....I never heard back from her).  So I called their National Hotline again (another helpful woman who sent them an email...still no response for me).  So I called their National Hotline again (not so helpful guy who at least told me that they really couldn't help...come to think of it, maybe he was the helpful one).

At this point, I was ready to give up (J laughed when I told him that, as he'd have given up and moved on to another plumber weeks ago), but I decided to call the local number one more time.  Instead of the annoying fax machine noise, I got voicemail!!  I think Angels descended from the ceiling of Office Max playing their trumpets--I was that excited!  The voicemail offered three of four options, so I just picked the general mailbox and left a message.  By the next morning I hadn't heard anything back, so I tried again.  This time, I picked the mailbox of the owner.  This is when I learned that they closed February 18--just a couple weeks before my first call.  While this news left me rather deflated, it was the news I needed to hear.  I dug through the drawer where I keep important receipts and operating manuals until I found the receipt for the plumber who fixed our ice-maker leak three years ago.  They sent out a plumber that afternoon.  On Saturday morning, one of the plumbers from the closed business called. The owner (who's father took ill and eventually passed during the time in which they closed and the last month) had checked messages Friday and gave him a call.  Sam has now gone into business on his own and was hoping he could help me out.  Head::Desk.

Part Two
A couple of weeks ago the hot water faucet in our bathtub started leaking.  This wasn't new, as the same thing (I thought) happened a couple of years ago and I'd saved the part and directions to fix it.  As is typical of me, I left the leak to get worse and worse until it had to be looked at, which actually happened about Thursday, when I had a plumber sitting right next to the tub for an hour or so.  Did I ask him to take a look?  Of course not.  I'm a bit stubborn sometimes, and it seemed silly to pay a plumber to do a job I was completely capable of completing myself.  Fast forward to Friday afternoon when I decided to take a quick shower before packing for Nashville.  It seemed logical to me to fix the faucet at that time.  Had the problem been what I thought it was, I would have been right about the timing, too.  I wasn't.  When I put the faucet back together I noticed that the faucet wasn't catching (you know how, when you turn it off, it stops?  It didn't.  My leak was no longer the drippy kind).  I found myself, unshowered, at rush hour, running to two stores, trying to match up the hot water valve.  Luckily, Lowes actually came through for me, as I don't know what I would have done at that point.  (I didn't particularly want to leave the water to the entire house turned off all weekend, but I also didn't want to send all that hot water down the drain all weekend).

So there you go.  Thursday and Friday were rather big days for plumbing at the MP, and I'm thrilled to discover that I can still do some basic plumbing and fix things like tub faucets!  The other plumber will be back this week to finish the sink job (we discovered that the stone fabricators didn't make the sink drain hole large enough, so now we're waiting on them to come fix that before we can move forward with installing the sink).  In other bathroom news, I did install the tile baseboard on Thursday, so that just needs to be grouted.  Once the sink is complete, we will be done with the big things in the room, and just have the finish details left!

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