Friday, April 29, 2011

Unfurnishing J

ETA:  Well, I somehow messed up scheduling this to post and you missed the message below.  To update you though, now that you've found it, J came through the surgery well, and is doing well.  Well, as well as one can do after having one's head cut open.  He's well drugged and making good use of his prescribed pain meds, but seems to have finally climbed his way out of the loopy-grogginess that came with the sedative they used for the actual extraction.

Hi friends!  Yes, it's Friday, and I know you expect to see a Furnishing Friday post this morning.  Instead, I'm hanging out in a waiting room while J has his wisdom teeth removed.  Yes, he still has them (well, depending on when you read this...had them).  I do, too, actually, and have no idea what to expect from the process.  Please send good thoughts our way today, as J deals with the pain of having four parts of his head carved open and as I deal with J.  Clearly, we both need prayers! :)

Oh, and Happy Royal Wedding Day!!

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Becky said...

love the title of this post! glad j is recovering well :)