Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime Sunday

One of my favorite things about St. Raphael is the clear glass windows that line each side of the sanctuary (as opposed to frosted, glazed, or stained glass windows in many churches).  While I do periodically get caught looking distractedly out the window, I just like knowing what it looks like outside!  We had many Sundays this winter where it felt like we were off in the countryside somewhere--complete with snow fluttering down threw the trees to the snow-covered ground below.  I loved those Sundays and was so happy to belong to a church that offered me those views on Sunday mornings. 

Today, I was reminded of another one of my favorite things about Sunday mornings at St. R--springtime!  This morning the windows were all cracked.  We hit 80 degrees in Lexington today, and even this morning it was warm out.  We have the kind of windows that crank open like doors, and where we sit, the windows catch the breeze and send it right to us!  As much as I loved watching the snow fall outside this winter, I love feeling that warm breeze just as much!!

I hope you all enjoyed a little of this beautiful spring weather this weekend!

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