Friday, April 8, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Tray

Item: Silver Tray

Who Purchased: Grandmother B. received as a Christmas gift from a close friend, Mrs. G.

Year Purchased/Received: This is the worst description ever, and I’ll work to find a better answer, but the notes I have only indicate that it was some time before Mrs. G died.

Location Purchased/Received: Owensboro

Description: 8.75 inch diameter round tray

Markings: "Owensboro 1968" is engraved in the center of the tray

How it came to the MP: My grandparents B. were close friends with an older couple in Owensboro. Their son, who was younger than my grandparents, but older than my mom, married a woman whose family was quite wealthy. Every year, this woman’s extended family took a trip to a different part of the country.  In 1968, the couple hosted the annual outing in Owensboro, and Mrs. G. received this tray as a hostess gift/thank you gift from the family for hosting them.

In the years before Mrs. G. died, she had a habit of inviting Mur over before special occasions and asking her to choose a piece of silver from her collection as her gift. In this way, she ensured that the silver would be going to someone who wanted it and would continue to appreciate it. My grandparents attended a party during the week that the couple’s in-laws visited Owensboro, so Mur chose that tray as a way to remember the occasion, as well. 

We received the tray after our wedding.  It is particularly special to me because I got to know the son of this couple (the husband of the woman whose family gave the tray) when I lived in DC.  He was very kind to me, always expressed interest in my grandmother and mother, as well as in my own pursuits and friends.  While the tray reminded Mur of her friend, it reminds me of her friend's son, though in both cases it is their kindness that we remember.

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