Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stella Shoes

As confident and outgoing as I can be, sometimes I need a little something extra to pump me up.  This is often the case with my Stella & Dot business.  I know I have an awesome product.  I know I have something to share.  I know I am coming from a place of abundance.  But sometimes I forget that, and I need a little reminder from Katie Perry (Baby, You're a Firework), or my husband (who gave me an awesome WillowTree figurine to remind me), or my Stella & Dot friends (who encourage me to make plans to rock our National Sales Conference--Hoopla).  Today, I rolled them all into one and bought a fabulous pair of shoes (on sale!!) to wear while I'm working. 

What about you?  Do you ever forget that you are totally worthy of greatness and need a little reminder?

1 comment:

melissa said...

loveloveLOVE your shoes! Of course, we established that last night at our meeting!

And I love (even more!) the fact that you're doing whatever you need to do in order to get out there and ROCK Stella & Dot! ...because I know you can, and WILL!