Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday--March 10

This past week has been a busy one.  J and I spent a lot of time at church, prepping for the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, we've squeezed in dinners and lunches together and with friends, and we managed to make progress on our bathroom, too.  All of this activity leaves many opportunities for thankfulness.  Among them:

The women of Stella & Dot.  Now, I mentioned last month how thankful I am for the opportunities this company provides, but I was only beginning to understand the value of relationships with other stylists.  A few weeks ago, I met two other stylists in Lexington.  One of them, Melissa, suggested we hold monthly meetings to brainstorm, share ideas, and offer support to each other.  While not all of the Lexington stylists are into this idea, I am so thankful for those who are, and I find my life being enriched by knowing them!

Lent.  I know, you'd think that I would have been thankful for pancake suppers (and I am!), but I'm also thankful for the reminder every year to be mindful.  This year, I've taken Lent in two parts.  First, I plan to give up fast food.  For the next 39 days (plus yesterday), if I eat out, it will involve a waiter who comes to the table to take my order.  In a pinch, I'll visit a sandwich shop like Subway, but there will be no burgers and fries for me.  Second, I hope to be intentional.  When I eat (at home or out), I will think about each bite I put in my mouth.  In addition, every morning, I will think about my day--what is scheduled and where my time can be best used. 

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