Friday, March 4, 2011

A place holder...

If you knew me in school (particularly college, and maybe grad school), you know that I had a tendency to wait until the last minute to write papers.  This might have something to do with my trouble in completing my doctoral dissertation--turns out you can't wait until the night before to write a book... 

Anyhow, I waited until late afternoon Thursday to write this week's Furnishing Friday, which I mentioned last week would be about my No-Wedding Quilt.  Turns out asking your nearly 88-year-old grandmother to describe two of probably hundreds of quilts she ever made (without pictures to prompt her memory) doesn't really work.  So, I've sent pictures to my parents along with a list of questions.  With luck, they'll go visit her today and send me the response so I can get my post up.  With less luck, you'll get to read about my quilts (both the No-Wedding Quilt and the actual quilt I did receive the night before my wedding) next Friday.

In the mean time, what are your thoughts on the new blog design?  Also, if you know anything at all about blogspot, could you tell me how to add label buttons across the top of a blog?  I'm thinking a blend of the "labels" widget and the "pages" widget that would let me put seven labels across the top.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Melissa said...

I LOVE the new blog design. I also really enjoy reading your blog! I don't know Blogger at all, otherwise I might be able to help with the pages/widgets question.

I thought you might want to know that I've given you an award on my blog. :)

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