Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Stone Yard

Remember Monday, when I crossed off "order vanity top" because I was ready to do so and would have finished it by the time you read my blog post?  Well...I did go in to order it.   But then I learned that carrera has a lot of variation (from white to gray background, plus light to heavy veining) and the Lexington shop couldn't guarantee what piece the folks at the stone yard in Louisville would choose to fabricate my vanity top.  So...I got to visit the stone yard!

It's seriously just like what it looks like on TV, and I even got to pick the piece (and even the part of the piece) that will become my vanity top.  This is it, here:

And just for fun, a picture I snapped in the showroom.  This is the quarry in Carrara, Italy where my vanity top used to live before becoming a two centimeter slab of marble and being shipped off to Louisville to be chosen by me.  Cool, huh?

Sorry for the rather wordy "Wordless Wednesday", but I hope that three pictures made up for it!

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