Monday, March 21, 2011

One room done (again!)

Well, the family room is finally back to normal here at the MP.  Unfortunately, this room has been complete before, so it's a little bit anti-climactic.  But still, having the pool table cleared off and the folding table put away opens up the room so much!  I didn't plan to start on the family room until the bathroom was put away, but it just fell into place for us, and I'm so glad it did!

Here's where we are now:

Main Bath
  • Order vanity top: Ordered and delivered to our house (longest drive ever from downtown to our home with the marble belted in safely in the back seat!)
  • Seal floor: Done!
  • Install base tile
  • Install vanity/sink/faucet: Requires getting hold of our plumbers.  The phone number that worked for six months now goes to a fax line.  We did a drive-by on Saturday and they appear to still be in business (but were closed then).  I think I might try to send a fax and see what happens... 
  • Install new shower curtain rod:
  • Buy/install new switchplate covers:
  • Put up shelves/artwork
  • Trim and install door:  Hinges are installed on the door frame, but the door still needs more trimming to hang and swing correctly before it can be installed. 
  • Buy and install mirror
Family Room--DONE!!
  • Paint wall/ceiling: I painted the ceiling this week, so the walls and ceiling are now complete!
  • Clean off pool table:  This was a faster job than I expected since we had put down a large piece of plastic over the pool table to protect it.  I just took off the tools, folded up the plastic with construction debris in it and put it in a trash bag.  The most time consuming part of the job was vacuuming the dust off the pool table's felt top (because that dust goes everywhere!).
  • Call Stanley Steamer:  We had Stanley Steamer out last summer and at that time we paid for a one-year contract with them for a total of four cleanings.  It was so convenient to just call them up, schedule a cleaning, sign their little computer clipboard and send them on their way! 
Our DAR State Conference is this weekend (I'm actually expecting company coming in on Wednesday), so that combined with working Monday-Wednesday this week probably isn't going to result in much work being done around here.  I'll be sure and keep you posted, though!

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