Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lovely spring days

Don't you just love lovely spring days?  After a very long winter (the local school system went roughly ten weeks out of school at least one day), we have been so grateful for warm breezes and sunshine!  Not only did we have our first cookout of the year on Thursday, but J and I spent a little time sitting outside on our deck today, then we enjoyed supper with friends on the patio at a local mexican restaurant.  My dafodils haven't bloomed yet (tucked on the side of the house as they are, they just don't get direct sun), but there are tons blooming in our neighborhood, and yesterday we saw a pair of mallards are we walked around the park behind out house.  The meterologists are predicting cool weather for the end of the week, but it feels like, on this first day of spring, we're finally there!  I hope you're enjoying warm breezes and sunshine wherever you are!

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