Sunday, March 27, 2011

Husband Points

Do y'all have husband points (or wife points) in your relationship? J and I do.  They aren't anything that we actually tally, but they do accrue from time to time, and also from time to time, we have no problem cashing them in if need be.  This weekend, J racked up a lot of husband points!  Not only did he keep the house running and the dog fed while I was immersed in DAR, but he wrote that fabulous blog post for you to read Saturday (or Sunday, depending on when you stumbled upon it in sleepless stupor...was that just me?).  Then today, when I popped in to pick him up before heading out again, I found a spotless kitchen.  What on earth did I do to deserve this guy?  To round out his awesomeness for the weekend, he stepped away from the UK game this evening to do something special with me (you'll see what in Wordless Wednesday).  Now, he had it on the radio in the car, and streamed it live once he was out of the car, but he missed watching it live, and I know that was not an easy thing to do!  The husband points just keep adding up!

I realize it is 11:00 p.m. as I type this and there is practically no way you will read it before Monday.  I do apologize for the sporadic (and late) nature of my blogging this week.  Perhaps by Continental Congress I'll have figured out how to juggle the two more effectively.  In the mean time, expect a late Melton Point Monday, pray I catch up a bit on my sleep tomorrow, and look forward to being back on schedule on Tuesday!

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