Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Juggling is a talent, right?

Hi friends!  I have a terrible habit of taking on more than is good for me, and as an avid volunteer, I often take on projects that really need to be followed through on (otherwise I'll feel really, really bad!).  I mentioned yesterday that the DAR State Conference is this weekend, and (as usual), I'm juggling like crazy to keep the DAR ball, the work ball, the bathroom plumbing ball, etc. in the air.  Throw in a spring allergy attack for spending too much time outside this weekend into the mix and you have a pretty sad (but still valiently juggling) JE.  What does this mean for you?  Pretty sad attempts at blogging.  I committed to blogging daily, so I'm going to stick by that committment (this week, at least), but I do think I may go off theme a few times.  I do hope to share the results of some tangible talent next Tuesday, so stay tuned!

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