Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Smile You are Smiling

Lest anyone think I'm going back to using song lyrics as post titles, I'm not, but this post title is totally appropriately a line from a song.  I mentioned Sunday that I had an awesome Wordless Wednesday in store for you.  Now that I've downloaded the pictures from J's and my phones, I'm not so sure (cursing both of us for not thinking to take a camera).

The blurry picture above is of Harry Connick, Jr.  J and I had a chance at the last minute (Saturday evening) to purchase tickets to a fundraiser down in Richmond that featured a concert.  Now, this fundraiser was for a church school and was held in the church sanctuary.  There were maybe 500 people and certainly not a bad seat in the room, but we ended up with an awesome spot and were fairly close to the front.  Harry and his band were wonderful, and J and I had a fabulous time!

Title:  Where or When  J used to sing Harry's version of this song to me all the time when we were dating.  I chose this particular line because we were smiling a lot Sunday night!

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