Friday, March 25, 2011

You're getting very sleepy...

Hi friends!  I'm sure you came here looking for a Furnishing Friday post (or maybe you gave up on Furnishing Friday and are here on Saturday!), but I don't seem to have any new pictures on my laptop and I'm completely unprepared to write a blog post (you know that already--this is about 12 hours late in posting!).
I think I've written before about how much I like my sleep.  A lot.  On an average day, I do best with about 9 hours of sleep.  Conversely, when things are a bit stressful and busy, I turn out amazing work by waking up early.  This week (state conference prep) has led to lots of early mornings.  Today is the first "official" day of our state conference, but I've now had three nights of being awake past midnight and back up at 5:00 a.m. to come back to my work with a clear head. 
Y'all, I'm tired!  (Seriously, you should see some of the "words" my fingers have typed in this post.)  I'm pretty sure a hypnotist would find me a rather dull subject today (hence the post title).  I am, in fact, getting very sleepy.
I'll do my best to write Saturday's post, but I'm rather concerned that it might be worse than this one (I'm looking at another short night).  Thanks for hanging with me this weekend.

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