Monday, March 7, 2011


One week after posting my to do list for the MP, I actually have progress to report!  (Here that cheering sound?  It's my mom.)

Main Bath
  • Order vanity top I'm going to go ahead and cross this off because by the time you read today's post, it will be done.  Template is complete and I'm heading over to the marble place bright and early to order our top.  With luck, it will arrive Friday!
  • Seal floor -- Still not done, but I've promised J it will happen this week, before the top arrives.
  • Install base tile
  • Install vanity/sink/faucet --Huge progress made on this front.  J and I cut the hole in the back of the vanity this weekend and made sure it fits correctly.  Stay tuned for a post about turning an old dresser into a bathroom vanity!
  • Install new shower curtain rod -- despite J's best efforts (he blamed the dog, but I'm suspicious) to tear down the existing shower curtain rod this weekend, we've not replaced it yet.  I suspect that might happen next weekend...
  • Buy/install new switchplate covers
  • Put up shelves/artwork
  • Trim and install door -- Door is trimmed up and back in the bathroom.  You just have to manually put it in place to 'close' it.  I promised J that installing it correctly is first thing on the list after the floor is sealed.  And new hinges to match the other new hardware in the bathroom are on my Home Depot shopping list.
  • Buy and install mirror

 Sneak peek at the vanity, with the template drilled and sink/faucet in their future places:



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