Friday, March 18, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Gold Rectangular Mirror

Item: Rectangle Mirror in Gold Frame

Who Purchased: Grandmother B.

Year Purchased/Received: Mur bought this mirror after she moved to Sterling Court (around 1988-1989)

Location Purchased/Received: She purchased the mirror at a higher-end antique shop on 3rd Street in Owensboro

Description: The mirror is a large rectangle mirror (19.5” x 28”; 27” x 34.5” including the frame) in an ornate gold frame.

Markings: There are no markings other than handwriting that says “very old” on the back.

How it came to the MP: When she moved to Sterling Court, Mur’s couch was on a long wall with nothing on it, so she purchased this mirror to hang above the couch. It moved to Texas with her, then back to Kentucky with the rest of her living room. We already had a mirror in our living room, so we propped it against the fireplace opening as a temporary solution. Turns out, it was the perfect solution to masking our ‘faux’ fireplace.

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