Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't you just love checklists?

I get to cross more things off the list this week!  A friend commented on how impressed she was that J publicly committed to helping with the To-Do list.  She was right; that was impressive.  More impressive is the fact that he has totally taken the lead in crossing things off!  I woke up Saturday morning to find him working on the shower curtain rod in our bathroom, and that inspired work on my part, too!

Main Bath

  • Order vanity topOrdered (for real this week); should arrive Friday from Louisville.  Click here to see pics from my trip to the stone yard!
  • Seal floor: on tap for this week
  • Install base tile
  • Install vanity/sink/faucet
  • Install new shower curtain rod: Done
  • Buy/install new switchplate covers:  Done: Found some really cool satin nickel switchplates at HD 
  • Put up shelves/artwork
  • Trim and install door: Installation is still on hold until the floor is sealed...and maybe until the vanity and sink are the plumbers have more room to work.  
  • Buy and install mirror: I found a great mirror for an even better price at a glass shop last week.  It will definitely need to be re-framed at some point, but it serves our needs! 
Family Room 
  • Paint wall/ceiling: Two coats on the wall, and it looks good (I was nervous since the paint is left over from painting the room two years ago).  Ceiling comes next!
  • Clean off pool table
  • Call Stanley Steamer


Becky said...

I do love checklists. Sometimes I even put things I"ve already done on them just so I can mark them off. DOn't judge ;)

JE Melton said...

Oh Girl--I just think of those as things I forgot to write down earlier! And forgot that I already did! No judgement here!

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I have yet to see pictures, but I'm sure the shower rod looks wonderful as it is. It probably doesn't need to be moved at all. Just sayin