Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How To: Turn a Serving Tray into a Blackboard

St. Raphael's recently underwent a pretty impressive kitchen renovation.  The cabinets and walls were painted, the refrigerators and island rearranged, and just a few days ago, the tile floor was replaced.  Near the end of the job (about the time we got involved), someone mentioned that the kitchen needed a message center.  Shortly after than conversation, we discovered two old serving trays, and one of the women suggested turning one into a chalkboard.  One thing led to another, and the pair ended up in my kitchen with what was left from the cabinet paint (Behr Paint & Primer in one).  So, in just a few easy steps, here is my tutorial on how to turn a serving tray into a blackboard. 

Step One:  Find yourself a serving tray.  For us, it was easy, but I think you could find one at a restaurant supply store, or even at a restaurant (if a church had a couple in poor-enough shape to repurpose, I'm sure Applebees could spare a couple!).

Step Two:  Lightly sand your tray all over the front, as well as around the frame on the back (this part will show if someone is looking at it from the side, and you'll want to paint it).  If you don't sand, the dry paint will peel right off the plastic tray (yes, I know this from experience).

Step Three:  Paint the frame with at least two coats of paint.  I used a sponge brush, mostly because it was convenient and what I had on hand, but also to make it easier to get into the curves and crannies of the serving tray.

Step Four:  Paint the center of the tray with chalkboard paint.

Step Five:  Now, I haven't gotten to this part yet, but you'll need to figure out how to hang your chalkboard.  I think that we'll drill two holes near the top and run a length of ribbon through to hang it with.  You might also want to add a tray or basket at the bottom to hold chalk and an eraser.

This week, I've linked back up with Beth at The Stories of A to Z for her Tutorials & Tips Tuesday, and next week, I'll do the same when I come back to this project for Part II: How to Turn a Serving Tray into a Bulletin Board!  (Admit it, you kept wondering why I talked about picking up two trays, didn't you?)

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