Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's no secret that J and I love Thanksgiving, and it is easily our most favorite holiday. So when my friend Becky suggested I dedicate a day of the week (Thursday, in particular), I jumped at the chance to celebrate 52 little mini-versions of Thanksgiving (well, since Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, I guess I'll be celebrating 51 mini-versions and one full-size!).

This week, I'm thankful for:
  • Becky, who suggested the topic and who, together with her entire family, has touched and changed my life in so many ways. By the way, in case you're wondering, this is the same Becky I talked about on Tuesday. And if you missed Tuesday's post, you can read it here, or you can just jump straight over to Becky's blog for more of her insights (I love that at the end of every post she includes a lesson she's learned--such an example of being a life-long learner for her boys!).
  • Stella & Dot, the company I work for as a Stylist. Misson: to improve the lives of women, be it through an awesome piece of jewelry, a career, or as a beneficiary of our Foundation (we're building a school this summer in South America!). I am so thankful to have found work in an organization that values women as they are and that empowers them to be as strong as the women who made our country what it is.
  • Technology and the human spirit's ability to adapt. I spent probably an hour (between two different phone calls) on the phone yesterday with an 83-year-old woman who was struggling to complete an online report. Actually, I think she's okay with the report; it took most of that hour just to get her on the right website. Now, I'm not certain of her background, but it's very likely that for at least some of her childhood, this woman had no electricity. And here, at 83, she's learning how to navigate the internet. I don't know how much technology will change in my lifetime, but I do know that I don't recall ever not knowing where the enter key was on a keyboard (Thank you, mom and dad, for buying(?) the cookie monster game for your toddler in the early 1980's). What I take for granted is truly unrecognizable to her, and yet, she hasn't crawled in a hole and covered her head--she's still learning, still figuring it out, and still moving forward. I don't know how technology will change in the next 50 years, but I know that this experience will drive me to hang with it, rather than look for the nearest hole.


Becky said...

Well now you just made me cry at work, my NEW work. Good thing nobody else is here yet ;) Thank you, JE. It's a mutual lovefest from our family to yours!

JE Melton said...

Aaw! We're looking forward to Sunday! And I'm glad no one caught you crying your first week on the job! :)