Monday, February 14, 2011

Sinking feeling...

I don't generally go much for bad puns, but today's post totally calls for it! I had dreams of picking up my painted sink last Monday, ordering the countertop for the vanity on Tuesday, and bringing in the plumbers this weekend or early this week to finish up the vanity. Unfortunately, when I dropped by the Mad Potter last Monday to check on the sink, I learned that it had not fired correctly. They offered to repaint and refire for me, so I went back in on Friday to see if it had helped. It hadn't. In fact, was much worse. At this point, the bowl is a bit of a lost cause. We could probably try again with another bowl, but at this point, J and I are ready to throw in the handtowel and buy a vessel sink made specifically for that purpose. I'll be heading out today to see what I can find.

In the meantime, J spent time this week replacing the ductwork to the bathroom register. We've been heating and cooling our unfinished laundry room since October, so it's nice to have that in working order again. I'll also be heading out in search of a brushed nickel register for the gaping hole we see now!

I'm so glad to have several days off this week to spend some time getting this project a little closer to wrapped up. As spring arrives (slowly but surely), I'm starting to find some outdoor projects that will have to be dealt with, so we really do need to get the bathroom finished!

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