Monday, February 28, 2011

Time for a checklist

Not a terribly exciting post, but I feel like I need a checklist of projects to refer back to. And, since this was a slow week for 'after' pictures around the MP, I might as well give you a bulleted list to look at, instead! These are the things I plan to accomplish at the MP before May, which I plan to rename Deck month. Cross your fingers and ask lots of questions to be sure I'm staying on target!

Main Bath
  • Order vanity top
  • Seal floor
  • Install base tile
  • Install vanity/sink/faucet
  • Install new shower curtain rod
  • Buy/install new switchplate covers
  • Put up shelves/artwork
  • Trim and install door
  • Buy and install mirror

Family Room
  • Paint wall/ceiling
  • Clean off pool table
  • Call Stanley Steamer

  • Install shelves and doors on cabinets
  • Stain shelves
  • Install countertop and shelves on cabinets


J Melton said...

I support you and will help.

Becky said...

I love that your husband commented on your blog. And now has publicly committed himself to help you with your projects ;)

JE Melton said...

I know! I didn't even realize he read it anymore, so it was an incredibly nice surprise to find his comment. He's a good one. :)