Friday, February 25, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Coffee and Tea Service

This week's item for Furnishing Friday is, perhaps more than most I've shared, a sentimental favorite. My grandmothers each promised me something special for a wedding gift, and this is that something from my Grandmother B. I'll share the gift from my Grandmother H. next week!

Item: Coffee & Tea Service

Who Purchased: Grandmother B. purchased the set

Year Purchased/Received: ??

Location Purchased/Received: A shop in Owensboro ordered the set for Mur.

Description: The set has both a coffee pot and a tea pot, a sugar bowl with lid, and a creamer. All four pieces sit on a large oval footed tray. The tea pot is a little shorter/squatter than the coffee pot (it is on the right on the photo above).

How it came to the MP: Mur had always wanted a coffee/tea service, so when she received a small sum of money following the deaths of her parents, she used it to purchase the set. At some point (I don’t remember exactly when, I just remember knowing), she told me that I would receive it when I married. She backed off of that statement when she moved to Texas (I had just started dating J), but my grad school apartment decorated in hand-me-downs and ReStore finds was hardly the place to keep it. The set moved to my room at my parents’ house where, ironically, it sat on my Hope Chest for the next two and a half years. After we married, the set moved to the MP. I had planned to put it in our living room, but it soon found a home on the server in our dining area. I love that because it lived on the buffet at my grandmother’s last home in Owensboro for more than fifteen years of my life, so it just seems right that it be on mine, too.

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