Monday, February 21, 2011

Yet another bathroom post

Well, it's another Melton Point Monday, and y'all know I won't miss a chance to blog about our bathroom renovation (hah!). In the news this week (yes, there has been progress): we now have a register cover on the heat/air hole and a sink has been ordered!

First up, let me talk about the register. When I left J back in October with a subfloor and instructions to tile, I didn't really think about the register. I mean, I figured we (he) would just cut out the rectangle with a jig saw and go on with it. J is at one with Mike Holmes on the 'make it right' mentality. And we all know that wasn't exactly what the PO had in mind. Ever. So when J went downstairs to figure out how best to deal with the register, he discovered that PO had DIY'd the ductwork into the bath. As with most of PO's DIY efforts, this one left a lot to be desired. J was even less thrilled when he discovered that Home Depot sells a very nice (and safe. and correct.) duct-work boot to fit situations like ours. Why didn't PO just do it right the first time?! Well, J bought the fix, which included a handy cardboard cover to keep construction dust and debris out of the ductwork. After we grouted the floor, we decided we were ready to stop heating the laundry room and return that hot air to the main bath, which also meant taking out the cardboard. Cue big gaping hole.
Solution? A lovely satin nickel register cover that matches the new metal finishes in the bathroom and that has a pretty cool design, too!
Second part of MPM today: A Bathroom Sink!! On Thursday, I talked about sink-shopping as a result of a failed attempt to make our own sink. What I loved most about our sink was the wash basin shape of it, which led to a serious struggle with sink shopping. When I found this clear glass version of our sink, I knew I'd found the solution. I ordered it Thursday morning and am eagerly awaiting its arrival (unfortunately, I wasn't given a tracking number, so I feel like I'm in the waiting place Dr. Seuss talked about!). I'm a bit nervous about the size, but am trying not to worry unneccessarily until it arrives. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of our new sink:
I took this off the website, so it's obviously not in context, but it gives you an idea. Once it arrives, we'll put together the template with the drain and faucet markings and send it off for countertop fabrication. With luck, we'll get the sink early enough this week to get the template in and our countertop back on Friday. Otherwise, we're looking at another full week of waiting. I realized the other day that we're closing in on six months, and that seems to be the magic number for me--I'm ready to close the door on this project!


Molly said...

I think I might be more excited about seeing your finished bathroom than you are!

JE Melton said...

Haha! Thanks!! Stay tuned to facebook today as I take a poll on whether or not the sink is too large (I'm leaning towards yes, unfortunately, but open to being convinced otherwise!). You'll also get a sneak peak at the vanity, which I've managed to keep out of most pics!