Monday, February 7, 2011

MeltonPoint Monday

I've been at this daily blogging this for 38 days now, and as I mentioned last week, I think it will be easier to maintain my momentum if each day has a theme. So...welcome to MeltonPoint Monday! MPM will generally be devoted to the primary goal of this blog--to document and inform on the progress of our various home renovation projects. Sometimes I'll use MPM to talk about budgeting or couponing (since those directly impact how much money we have available for home reno projects), but mostly I think you'll see pictures and hear stories about our attempts at bringing the MP into this century (or at least up to this century's building standards!).

To that end, let's start with a picture of our new toilet seat! J expressed dislike for our old oak toilet seat from the moment he bought the house (it may have even been mentioned during the home inspection...). Unfortunately, other items took priority and since the seat matched the vanity, medicine cabinet, towel bars, etc. it just didn't seem important. When I published the picture of our newly reinstalled toilet, though, the need to replace the seat became clear. The oak no longer matched anything in the room! Lucky for me, J apparently has a great eye for toilet seats and purchased and installed this beauty! (Actually, he purchased and installed an elongated version of this seat before realizing that apparently we have a round toilet. Then he removed the wrong seat, purchased and installed this seat. Extra husband points for that one!)

Other bathroom news: The bowl that I bought years ago (like 2008 or so) at the Mad Potter was successfully drilled by our marble company (I've been asking places for the last two years and no one wanted to take on the risk of drilling that hole!). I painted the bowl on Friday and left it to be fired. Now, we cross our fingers and hope it comes out of the kiln in one piece! As soon as that is done, we'll finalize the layout for the marble fabricators, drop off the template and twiddle our thumbs until it arrives! Oh, and we still need to seal the floor and install the baseboard. And find a mirror. And then hang it and a towel bar. And some art. But really, it's almost done!

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