Friday, February 18, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Italian Table and Accessories

This post will be heavy on pictures, as I've decided to lump several items purchased when my parents lived in Italy into one post. Enjoy!

Item: Florentine gold table and accessories--tray, coasters, trashcan, tissue box

Who Purchased: My grandparents B. bought the table; my parents purchased the various accessories as gits for my grandparents.

Year Purchased/Received: The table was purchased in 1976 or 1977 when my grandparents went to Italy to visit. The other items were bought between 1974 and 1978 and sent to my grandparents as gifts at holidays during their assignment.
Location Purchased/Received: Franco's, an Italian gift shop of sorts just outside the gate of the military base where my dad was stationed in the 1970's. Mom told me that Franco's was frequented by all of the military families, and that the wives all agreed that if there was ever any reason for evacuation, they would need time to stop at Franco's on their way out of the country.
Description: All of the items are wood with gold and ivory etching and painting. The coasters also have other colors painted in various designs on them. The table is a pedestal table with three legs. The trashcan is lined with a gold paper-like material.
Markings: None
How it came to the MP: I remember many of these items in my grandmother's main bath, though she told me that the table used to sit in her living room. They all went with her when she moved to Texas, but were returned to Kentucky when we received the rest of her living room items. I use the tray and coasters on one of our end tables, and I use the trashcan to hold flags not currently hanging out front. The table moves around a lot, but it always somewhere in the living room. The tissue box is actually kept in a drawer of an end table, since I don't actually have a place to set it out (or an inclination to keep tissues in my living room).

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