Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday--February 17

Why do I love the idea of Thankful Thursday? Because all week, I've had moments scattered throughout my days where I think "ooh, that needs to go in this week's Thankful Thursday post". Did I jot those things down so I could actually share them with you? But. At least I was a more thankful, more appreciative person this week. Isn't that really the point?

A few things I'm thankful for that I did manage to remember:

  • My husband, who gave up his Friday evening and all day Saturday to cook for a meeting I was hostess for, then came home and prepped more food for our Game Night group. He shares his talent for cooking so willingly, and I'm so thankful for his attitude of abundance and willingness to share.
  • Entire catalogs devoted to vessel sinks, and the employees who put up with my picky-ness. I know, you're beyond tired of hearing about our bathroom remodel. Honestly, me, too. But, it isn't finished, and I really want to document every step--even the steps I never imagined taking, like buying a vessel sink. Three different stores, countless catalogs, the encouragement to alter the picture in my head, and finally acceptance led me to the most amazing find, and I'm so thankful to each of the stores (and each of the catalogs), for moving me along that path.
  • A hint at springtime. A week ago, I was slogging through the latest snowfall. This week, I'm cleaning out my car so I can put the top down. Now, I know that we've not even gotten close to dogwood winter, so these warmer temperatures can't last, but I'm so thankful for a taste!

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