Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday smells like... homemade pizzas

Last Saturday we hosted Game Night, a group of four couples we belong to that rotates evenings. J and I usually cook a variety of appetizers when we host Game Night, but this time, he decided to go in a slightly different direction with fewer appetizers and the addition of a create-your-own mini-pizza bar.

Now, our pizza evolution goes like this:
2005 - 2007: We love pizza and order out frequently
2007: We discover Papa Murphy's, a shop where they build your pizza then send you home with it to bake in your own oven. Oh, and we still order pizza, too.
early 2010: J discovers pre-made pizza crusts at Kroger and suggests we try to make our own pizzas at home.
later 2010: We go cheap and discover that with olive oil and spices, the Kroger brand pre-made crusts can be as tasty as the name-brand pre-made.
January 2011: J decides to use our new Kitchen-Aid to make our own crust. He plays with a few different recipes, and has (for now) settled on the recipe on the package for Fleischman's pizza yeast with a few herbs mixed in.
Next? I'm thinking we need to buy a pizza stone to keep in our oven.

So how did the pizza bar go? I think it went well! We made two batches of dough and split each into four portions, then gave everyone the choice of thin or thicker crust. We put out a variety of toppings (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, two kinds of cheese, fresh herbs, olives, etc.) and everyone seemed to enjoy creating their own supper. I think it is definitely something we'll try again!

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Becky said...

They were very yummy! And, what a great idea to use the smell from last Saturday :)