Friday, February 4, 2011

Furnishing Friday: Wingback Chairs

Item: Pair of Chippendale wingback chairs

Who Purchased: Mur bought the first one when she and Granddaddy B. moved into their house on Griffith Place in Owensboro. A close friend of the family purchased the second as a housewarming gift.
Year Purchased/Received: 1974

Location Purchased/Received: St. Ann Furniture (If I understand correctly, this was located where Owensboro’s city hall is today.)

Description: We’ve established that I’m no good with wood, but they are solid wood with upholstered seat, arms and back. Originally, the upholstery was gold, but Mur had them reupholstered when she moved to Sterling Court in 1988. They are a pinkish-tan color now with an antique gold or brass nailhead trim. I have dreams of white linen slipcovers, though I really love the nailhead trim--wouldn't it be awesome to re-use that over a striking upholstery fabric?!
Markings: No noticeable markings on the legs of the piece.

How it came to the MP: The great furniture move of 2009, written about here.

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