Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday smells like... Homemade Taquitos

So I held off on writing this post because I expected for Saturday to smell super-tasty. Unforuntately, I didn't really think about the fact that I'd be at a meeting at lunch time and volunteering at a benefit at supper time. So other than breakfast (re-heated pancakes and waffles from previous Saturday mornings), I won't be around for any yummy smells today. Lucky for you (and me!), Thursday night smelled awesome at the MP!

Back in grad school, I lived off of flour tortillas and cheese (among other things, mom!), but somewhere along the line, I decided that corn tortillas are pretty tasty (and I'm pretty sure they're better for you, too!). Now, we keep a stack of them on hand for tacos. Thursday night, J brought together the amazingness that is duck fat (remember that from our Thanksgiving feast?), a deep fryer, and corn tortillas! It took a little playing, and I still think maybe we needed a bit more cheese, but we had the absolute best taquitos ever known! Seriously, we might never buy the 'heat and eat' kind again! I mean, why? We know what was in ours (a ground beef/ground sausage blend, cheese, corn tortilla, duck fat--that's it!), it tasted amazing, and quite frankly, took about the same amount of time to do. Awesomeness. In a compact, fried little package.

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