Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our new car family, part 1

So way (waaayyy) back in November I had a little fender bender (actually, it was a frame bender; the fender looked fine) in Sandy.  The week after, J's car Irene developed some troubles that quickly turned into full-blown transmission failure.  We spent a week driving Terri while Sandy and Irene shared side-by-side bays at our mechanic.  Unfortunately, Irene couldn't be easily (or inexpensively) saved.  After a bit of haggling with the Honda dealership, we brought home Kate.  Sandy came home to a new driveway-mate.  Throughout December and January, Sandy continued to have problems (not related to the fender bender).  Oil leaks, unexplained stalling, a flat tire, and who knows what else followed.  My nerves were frayed.  We gave up.  Sandy never came home from the mechanic, and we bought another new car (new to us, mind you; not 'new' in either case).  The new car needed to be shipped in from Pennsylvania, so the dealer loaned me an old Toyota Camry.  I drove her for a week and a half, and felt compelled to name her Cammie 2, after one of my college girlfriend's Camry (actually, they probably came off the line together!).  On Monday, I finally picked up my new car.

Eek, I'm having trouble finding good pics of Irene and Sandy, and there's a thunderstorm on the way.  I'll be back with pictures of them later!

Our driveway looks a little different.  Four months ago, we had a dark red convertible and dark blue large-ish sedan in the driveway.  Today, we have two small sedans, one silver and the other dark grey.  They look nice with the new black shutters.

I thought I'd do a little photo montage of the cars that have been part of our family for the past several months.  I'll hold off on pictures of the new cars til next week, out of respect to Sandy and Irene (and Terri and Cammie 2).
Cammie 2
Are we crazy?  I can't imagine we're the only folks who name their cars...or talk nice to their cars...or get a little weepy when sitting in our cars for the last time?

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