Monday, February 13, 2012

This little light of mine...

I mentioned last Friday that we're refinancing, and we're currently in the stage of that process where the mortgage company makes you jump through hoops to secure the amazing interest rate they're dangling in front of you.  Last week they told us that we need new lights for our deck.  Actually, that's not completely true.  They told us we needed lights.  Previously, it looked like this:

I'd point out that this is an old picture (it is), but in the name of keeping it real, it doesn't really matter.  The deck pretty much still looks like this.  Anyhow, see the tiny black dots on each side of the back door?  That's where there used to be lights.  As in, we took them down in 2009 when we repainted the back of the house.  I neatly capped off the electrical wires, but they were still 'technically' holes in the wall.  Apparently the mortgage company frowns on that.

So I went out and bought two lights that match the one we put on the front porch last summer.  Since I switched out the front porch light myself, I assumed I could do the back as well. (cue laughter by those of you who have been reading long enough to know what happens next)  So...the light is designed to hang on a bracket.  The bracket is designed to screw into the electrical box.  Guess who didn't have electrical boxes?  Why yes, the electrical wires I neatly capped off were just hanging out in the open cavity of the wall with nothing actually holding them in place.  Two points if you can guess who masterminded that one!

I called Bob the Electrician who came out the next day and installed boxes for me.  He also (because he's awesome) offered to go ahead and hook up the lights for me.  Total time: maybe thirty minutes (from pulling in the driveway to flipping the switch).  Total time spent trying to figure out why only one light came on/figuring out that Previous Owner probably cut the wire when he re-wired the kitchen and covered it up?  Another hour.  At that point it was getting close to five and I suggested he just make it look pretty and come back another day to cut bigger holes in my wall.  Thanks Previous Owner.  So here it is looking pretty.

Title:  I told you I was on a roll, and this one was too good to pass up.  "This Little Light of Mine", the children's song based on Matthew 5.  Or maybe Luke 11.

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